Current Pelican Fishing Report

Typically in early October we begin to see the transition of billfish leaving our waters and Yellowfin Tuna arriving. This happens as weather and marine conditions change to a new and more familiar seasonal pattern. This year has proven to be a little different. The upside is that Marlin are still here, additionally, we are getting strong reports of Yellowfin Tuna coming our way! My advice is to BE READY! Feel free to get the Captains opinion first hand 252-216-7071 or simply book your trip online, you can also reserve with the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center booking desk online or by calling 800-272-5199.

It’s been fun catching these Marlin in October! We released six of ten and landed a few Dolphin. Good fishing!

Seven White Marlin releases today with a great group of anglers and friends! Great day!

It was a day full of action! We released a Blue Marlin and six White Marlin with John Baillie, Summer and the Pelican crew! Super day!

What a day!!! John Bailey on his own released TEN White Marlin today! Fantastic work Capt. Arch, crew Pat and Lee and a skilled angler, John Bailey!! Excellent day!

A good day with a nice catch of Dolphin a few Wahoo and a couple of White Marlin releases.

A successful day with an excellent catch of nice Dolphin and a White Marlin release! Great work to the anglers today!

We have this Thursday and Friday available if you want an opportunity to check off White Marlin from your list! Yesterday was a good day for Bill DeGraw and Vic Gaspeny who released four White Marlin!

Another beautiful day for John who ended the day releasing five White Marlin. Nice job John and crew!

A beautiful day on the water with John Bailey who released four White Marlin! Excellent work John and crew!