Current Pelican Fishing Report

A successful day with an excellent catch of nice Dolphin and a White Marlin release! Great work to the anglers today!

We have this Thursday and Friday available if you want an opportunity to check off White Marlin from your list! Yesterday was a good day for Bill DeGraw and Vic Gaspeny who released four White Marlin!

Another beautiful day for John who ended the day releasing five White Marlin. Nice job John and crew!

A beautiful day on the water with John Bailey who released four White Marlin! Excellent work John and crew!

Today the Stonestreet crew landed a nice catch of Dolphin and released a White Marlin, happy to have this group with us today and grateful to be able to go fishing.

It’s always an incredible day when we have kids catching fish but today was extra special. Scott Long brought his ten year old son Dawson along on an annual offshore fishing trip with the “guys” to target Marlin. The father son duo fought and released a White Marlin each making for a memorable experience and a first billfish for Dawson. Congratulations to the Dawson family and the rest of the crew for releasing four White Marlin and a day that won’t be forgotten! Pretty work guys!!

John Bailey with his son Robbie and grandson Wyatt had an excellent day landing a nice catch of Dolphin, a Yellowfin Tuna and releasing a nice Blue Marlin! No words to describe Wyatt’s first day offshore!!

While looking for billfish, we paused for a nice catch of Dolphin. Great family fun! What’s for dinner?

A lot of fun today! A nice catch of Dolphin, a pair of nice Wahoo and a White Marlin release! Pretty work!