Big fish today!! Excellent day of fishing!

Excellent catch of Big Eye Tuna today! Nice work!

Macon Hunter and his crew caught a couple of nice Big Eye Tuna today up to 146 lb’s!! You guys rock!! This is what men are made of from a sporty day like today!! Pretty work!!

Wahooo!! What a big Wahoo!! Congratulations on your huge catches today!!

A fun day J.R Keith’s crew! Pretty work!

We’re grateful for the memories and cherish the many years we’ve fished with the McCombs group. Anglers for us all to look up to! Way to go on your Big Eye Tuna and Dolphin today!!

A good catch for a sporty day. Great job guys!

Another BIG Big Eye today along with a nice catch of Dolphin.

Tyler Braxton and his friends had a grand day catching these HUGE Big Eye Tuna! A couple of Dolphin were able to fit in the fish box too. Fantastic angling work to get these big fish in!!

Excellent anglers for a great day of fishing! Always a pleasure fishing with the Stough crew!