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John Bailey with his son Robbie and grandson Wyatt had an excellent day landing a nice catch of Dolphin, a Yellowfin Tuna and releasing a nice Blue Marlin! No words to describe Wyatt’s first day offshore!!

An exciting day! The Pelican crew landed a nice catch of Dolphin and released two White Marlin and a Sailfish! WAY TO GO!!

There is no substitute for this kind of FRESH! Nice catch of Dolphin today. Good work guys!

We had a fun day today with a great catch of Dolphin a few Yellowfin Tuna and a Wahoo!

Conditions changed just slightly for us today. We have a weather front approaching and the water temperature varied which prompted a natural response. We still triumphed with a load of nice Mahi and Yellowfin Tuna!! Nice work to Jimmy and his crew…that’s a big Mahi laying on the dock!!!!

A great catch of Tuna, Mahi and the first White Marlin of the year for the Pelican!! It was a gorgeous day with slick calm seas. Great work!

It was a rough start this morning but that didn’t scare this tough group of men! They handled the day like real fishermen and ended the day with a bounty of Tuna!! Great work Bounds crew!!

An excellent day for Connie and Frank Cimler!! They simply wore them out just the two of them. 

An excellent day today! After catching a few Mahi offshore, we decided to take a look inshore for Cobia but not before Casey landed a citation 61 lb WAHOO!!! WAY TO GO KID!! Inshore we caught several Cobia in 40-60 lb range, our biggest weighing 67 lb. Way to go guys!