An exciting day! The Pelican crew landed a nice catch of Dolphin and released two White Marlin and a Sailfish! WAY TO GO!!

We enjoyed a beautiful day offshore today! Fantastic July fishing landing a nice Wahoo and a great catch of Dolphin. Then topped off an already super day with a Sailfish and White Marlin release! Nice work!!

A great catch of Dolphin, a Sailfish release and three White Marlin releases! Congratulations! EXCELLENT DAY!

A wonderful day! We caught a nice load of Dolphin and released a Sailfish and a White Marlin! Excellent day with a great group!

Anything is possible in July! It’s such a fantastic time of the year when it’s possible to catch all of the species we target throughout the fishing season! Today, we released four Sailfish, two White Marlin and a few Dolphin! A heck of a day! Congratulations Null crew!

A fun day as always with Mark Morin and his crew. Alex Belsches landed a huge 57 lb Wahoo along with his buddy Nate Farmer who released a Sailfish! We had a great time!

Enjoying the beautiful weather, catching fish and having a great time! Pretty work guys!!

The Braxton kids showed us how it’s done today! Tyler and Michael both released White Marlins while Matt released the Blue Marlin and Lindsey sealed the Grand Slam with her Sailfish release! Fantastic work!! Very proud to have the Braxton crew on board!

8/25 Report: Our super star angler, John Bailey, did it again releasing two White Marlin, Sailfish and a Blue Marlin to complete the Grand Slam yesterday! I can’t wait to see how the Braxton crew finishes today.

Excellent work to John Bailey this year!

Ryan and Kristen Bateman with their crew released a GRAND SLAM today!! Way to go! We also released an extra White Marlin! Great day!!