Don’t miss out on this years Spring Tuna and Meat fishing! We currently have April 28 & 30, May 1 & 10, and June 26 available. Reserve your dates here or call the booking desk at (800) 272-5199

The Tidaback’s landed a nice catch of Yellowfin Tuna today. Great job!

Tomorrow, Saturday is available and Sunday! We’d love to take you fishing! Give us a call 252-216-7071

We are available for this Sunday, November 18!!! Tuna fishing is good and weather looks good. Give us a call 252-216-7071!

We enjoyed a break in the weather and had a fantastic day with a great catch of Tuna!! Let’s go fishing!

The Oregon Inlet Fishing Fleet is catching King Mackerel, Wahoo, Blackfin Tuna and Yellowfin Tuna! Time to go fishing! The Pelican has availability!

We’re putting the wild summer weather behind us and looking forward to a great Tuna season! The Wilson crew kicked off the season with a great catch! Get your date booked and let’s go fishing!!

Typically in early October we begin to see the transition of billfish leaving our waters and Yellowfin Tuna arriving. This happens as weather and marine conditions change to a new and more familiar seasonal pattern. This year has proven to be a little different. The upside is that Marlin are still here, additionally, we are getting strong reports of Yellowfin Tuna coming our way! My advice is to BE READY! Feel free to get the Captains opinion first hand 252-216-7071 or simply book your trip online, you can also reserve with the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center booking desk online or by calling 800-272-5199.

John Bailey with his son Robbie and grandson Wyatt had an excellent day landing a nice catch of Dolphin, a Yellowfin Tuna and releasing a nice Blue Marlin! No words to describe Wyatt’s first day offshore!!

The Pelican had a great day in spite of a few storms this morning. The crew landed an excellent catch of Dolphin, two nice sized Yellowfin Tuna and ended the day with a Blue Marlin release! Awesome day Pelican crew!